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Choetech Iron Stand & Circle Qi Inductive Chargers Review

The Qi charging standard, (pronounced Chi from the Chinese word meaning “Natural Energy”) is a useful technology to include in any device that is relatively small and needs to be charged frequently.

EasyAcc Felt Laptop Sleeve Review

For the past week or so, I’ve been testing out a rather unique laptop sleeve. It’s made out of felt. You heard me right – felt. That stuff you use for arts & crafts in grade school is now being used for protection of your most important tech device – your laptop.

tizi Kofferchen and Turbolader 4X Mega Car Charger Review

Today, I’m going to introduce you to two products by Equinux – the tizi Kofferchen and the tizi Turbolader 4X Mega. As you might guess from reading my reviews, I have a lot of gadgets. I have a love of them – great and small – and I like to keep many of them with me.

NEWS: Nest Announces 3rd Generation Thermostat

Nest Labs, Inc., architect of the thoughtful home, today announced the 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat, which has a slimmer profile, a high-resolution screen that’s 40 percent larger, and an updated user interface to make it easier to read temperatures, alerts and messages.

Y-CHARGE [QUIK] Car Charger Review

If there is one accessory that I think all mobile users should have it’s a USB charger for their car. I personally have three that I keep in my car for various road trips. The first adapter I had only had one port.

Oregon Scientific Activity Tracker Review

I have been fascinated with fitness trackers since they started becoming popular and I’m fortunate to say that I’ve been able to try many of them in the market. And today, I’m happy to bring you a review of a rather unique one from Oregon Scientific.

EZSTAX Organizer Review

I’ve spent the vast majority of my life organizing piles. Whether it be piles of paperwork, or piles of clothes, there just always seem to be piles. Once upon a time, I put away some piles that my mom was working on and she couldn’t find anything.

Galaxy Note 4 DECEC 3-in-1 Hard Shell Case Review

The case itself is thin stiff plastic, nothing really to write home about. It clips on my Note 4 easily and is easy to take off.

Glimpses Mac App Review

Yes, Glimpses for Mac does exactly what it says it will do: it takes your photos and music, mixes them together and creates a video that is essentially a fast slideshow

Turtle Beach Ear Force z300 Wireless Headset Review

In my previous review of the SoundPeats wireless earphones, I mentioned that I am not an audiophile. I can only pickup differences between the simplest formats and even then only when a particular compression artifact or distortion already plainly obvious to anyone else in the room.

CAD Audio Zoe USB Microphone Review

I was excited to review the CAD Audio Zoe USB Microphone. I have used their microphones in the past and have been pleased with the performance.

Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey Mac Game Review

I am such a fan of word games, so Letter Quest: Grimm’s Journey by Bacon Bandit Games was right up my alley. Basically, you play a little Grim Reaper character, Grimm (later, you can choose from Grimm or Rose, his cute, ponytailed associate), and you follow a simple story line of his quest to get pizza.

Car Jump Starter and External Battery Review

When it comes to having external portable battery power I’m sort of obsessed. I have a bunch of different size batteries for charging my Macbook Pro, iPhone and iPad but one I have never had was a battery that could charge my iOS devices and jumpstart my car.

DODOcase Leather and Canvas Phone Clutch Review

Not too long ago I was introduced to the company DODOcase. They make some of the most high quality, luxury accessories for technology devices that I’ve ever seen.

SelfieGO Bluetooth Selfie Monopod Stick Review

It seems like selfie sticks are here to stay unless you happen to be inside a Disney theme park or some other private location that has banned them. I decided that I should stop fighting it and give them a chance.

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