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Angry Birds 2 iOS App Review

Have you missed the sound of birds screaming through the air right before destroying a fortress of thieving pigs? I know I have. Before Angry Birds, I was never been big on playing games on my iPhone.

Sabrent USB 2.0 Shockproof Hard Drive Enclosure Review

Ultra lightweight enclosure works with standard 2.5″ hard drives. The...

Square Jellyfish Earphone Case and Stand Review

One of the accessories I use quite frequently with my iPhone is its headphones. I know that some people do not prefer them to third party sets, but I find them to be quite comfortable and it’s nice being able to still hear the atmosphere around me.

Photokeys iOS App Review

Something that has become very popular recently is the customization of keyboards on iPhones. It adds a sense of individuality for the user.

BT Smart Watch Review

Uh oh, today we have another gadget without any visible branding and a horrible, broken English manual. Grit your teeth and keep reading. We will get through this together.

NEWS: Fantastical Updates to Version 2.4

Fantastical 2 for iPhone, Apple Watch, and iPad All Updated to Version...

JuiceBoxx Charger Case Review

For as long I’ve had one, I’ve carried a laptop to and from work. My workplaces typically provide computers, but I like having a backup. You never know when your own software will come in handy and when it will save a job and make a client happy.

Duplicate Photo Finder Mac App Review

We’ve all been there. We take precious photos at a family or friend reunion and then we load them to our computer. Then, we decide, “I better make a backup of this so that these photos don’t get lost.”

Twist Plus World Charging Station Review

Many years ago, I traveled to Europe. This was the summer of 1997 and mobile devices just weren’t popular or mainstream yet. Times have changed and nearly everyone carries a mobile phone, tablet and/or laptop with them when they travel.

Primos Mobile Printing Review

I don’t often have the need to print anything anymore, but when I do, I find that many times I am on my iPad or iPhone. Usually, it’s something in DropBox, iCloud Drive, or an email attachment.

Attack Balls iOS Game Review

One of my favorite types of mobile games are the puzzle based games. I’ve never been much on the battle-type games, but I recently came across a game that combines the best of both.

NEWS: Amazon Launchpad Now Available for Startups

Amazon today announced Amazon Launchpad, a new program that makes it easy for startups to launch, market, and distribute their products to hundreds of millions of Amazon customers across the globe.

Kootek PS4 Vertical Stand Review

When I got the opportunity to do a product review of the Kootek PS4 Stand/Controller Charger, I got super excited. I’m a serious gamer and take my gaming very serious.

SoundPEATS Universal Q800 Bluetooth Headset Review

Plug a set of headphones into any device and you will immediately become aware of one of the many Murphy’s Laws of Tech: “Whatever CAN get tangled, WILL get tangled.”

Paratek Hands-free Music Receiver Car Kit Review

When I was a teenager, I remember taking a road trip with my brother and being able to connect our Sony Discman to the car’s stereo using an adapter that worked through the tape deck.

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