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NEWS: FUGOO Speakers Now Available at Best Buy

FUGOO today announced its rugged and waterproof Go Anywhere Bluetooth speakers are now available at Best Buy retail outlets throughout the U.S., and will be in Best Buy’s Canadian stores by mid-October. FUGOO’s highly acclaimed portable Bluetooth speakers have quickly become top-rated for their high-quality 360-degree audio, unparalleled battery life and IP67 rating which makes them 100 percent waterproof(1), shockproof, dust-proof and snow-proof.

Premium One W3 Charging Stand Review

If there is one thing I can really get behind, it’s efficiency. I’m finding more and more that time is money and it’s great to be able to do multiple things at once. This stand from Enblue really takes advantage of its design to make sure all your most important devices are charged and ready for use.

NEWS: Belkin Dock with Integrated Apple Watch Charging

Belkin®, the market leader in smartphone and tablet accessories, today announced the first-of-its-kind Belkin Charge Dock for Apple Watch® + iPhone®. Developed closely with Apple, the Belkin Charge Dock features an integrated magnetic charger for the Apple Watch and a Lightning connector for an iPhone.

RUBAN MicroSaver Kensington Security Lock Review

The battle between lock and lock pick has been waged as long as one person has had something that another wanted. As a person who has been through 13 years of secondary education, I can tell you that tech and more importantly well-kept and safe tech are an important part of an academic world. Just get that new HP or that new Lenovo? Do you live in a place with roommates or high traffic flow or a dorm or a fraternity house perhaps? If you answered yes to any of these then you may want to consider a theft deterrent system. The key word here is deterrent.

Apple Watch Link Bracelet Clone Review

Apple’s Link Bracelet is an amazingly nice watch band. It’s also amazingly expensive. Apple justifies the price of the band because of its custom craftsmanship. Fortunately, there are some nice replica bands in the market, like this one from Teslasz.

Pranking Best Buy with AirPlay

Best Buy is enabling easy targeting for pranksters with their Apple TV demo they have setup. In my local Best Buy I noticed I was able to to connect and use AirPlay to stream any content from my phone or the internet at the display they had.

Airmail 2.5 Mac App Review

I’m not accustomed to using an email application. I use Gmail, and lately, I haven’t had anything important enough to make me pay close attention to my email account(s). So, hello Airmail 2.5.

NEWS: ENERGI Desktop Charging Station Indiegogo

We are excited to announce the launch of the Indiegogo funding page for TYLT’s newest product, the ENERGI Desktop Charging Station. The five-port charging station ensures the entire family, or multi-gadget power users, all have one place to conveniently and quickly charge all their devices.

NEWS: Best Buy Now Offers Apple Pay

After months of anticipation, Best Buy has finally rolled out Apple Pay as a payment option at many of their retail store locations. You can now have a much more pleasant shopping experience by paying with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Steve Jobs: In Remembrance

On the fourth anniversary of his death, we pause to remember Apple co-founder Steve Jobs and his contributions to Apple, technology and the world. In this reflective piece, you are meant to wonder, “What is my ‘one last thing’?”

NEWS: Best Buy Selling HomeKit Enabled Philips Hue Sets

Some retailers have begun selling HomeKit enabled Philips Hue sets ahead of schedule, but there is limited functionality for these devices due to software limitations.

Apple Watch Leather Loop Band Clone Review

When it comes to my Apple Watch I love it. When it comes to the bands Apple sells for the watch I love them too, just not the price of the bands. I know before anyone says it yes they are incredibly expensive for a Leather Loop band priced at $149.99.

VidBlend iOS App Review

Have you ever found yourself wanting to make a really quick video from two clips you have on your phone? The newly released VidBlend gives you that option. I have some extensive experience as a video editor and so this app was intriguing to me.

How-To: Backup iOS Photos using Flickr

The one complaint about iOS I’ve been hearing the past few days has to do with photo storage. Several people have come to me with problems about updating their iOS device due to their large photo library.

Aluminum Desktop Tablet Stand Review

Even though I typically keep my iPad in a case that has built-in stands, I do appreciate a well-designed table top stand. There are a few things I look for – style, durability, how sturdy it is, and protection for my tablet.

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