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FLOTE M2 Tablet Stand Review

Last month, we published a review on the FLOTE Orbit tablet stand. And today, we are excited to bring you the review of its big brother, the FLOTE M2 Stand. The M2 Stand is a stand that is meant to be used while you lie in bed.

Indie Solo Mobile Camera Mount Review

I remember the first time I saw a Stedicam. I thought the contraption looked like something out of a science fiction movie. The camera op had a harness that wrapped all around his body and the camera balanced on on what looked like a crane in front of his body.

CuteDJ Pro Mac App Review

I’m not very experienced when it comes to mixing music. I’ve done my fair share of editing when creating videos, but haven’t really “mixed” music together.

TITAN LOOP by Fuse Chicken Review

TITAN LOOP by Fuse Chicken Review: Meet the toughest keychain cable on...

Super Stump Tablet Stand Review

Something that I’ve struggled with since I got my first iPad was using it in bed or on the couch. There just doesn’t seem to be any really comfortable position to prop it or yourself up to in order to use the iPad correctly.

NEWS: Scanner Pro 6 Now Available

Today, Readdle released a substantial update to their iOS app, Scanner Pro. Version 6.0 of the app comes approximately 6 years after its initial released.

NEWS: olloclip Studio Launched on Kickstarter

Introducing olloclip Studio: an Integrated Mobile Photography System – Protective Case with Mountable Accessory Solutionsolloclip returns to its community roots to launch olloclip Studio on Kickstarter

Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub Review

I am continually amazed at home many times a day I turn to my USB hub for assistance. I remember a time when the Apple iMac was released and the ‘no cables’ era was trying to be born.

NEWS: First Full ‘Steve Jobs’ Trailer Now Available

This movie seemed to have sort of an odd cast to me when they first announced who would be playing the rolls of Steve Jobs, and Woz. I thought Michael Fassbender looked nothing like Steve and for god sake, how could Seth Rogan play Steve Wozniak?

URPower Yun Teng Mini Tripod Review

I come from the ‘old school’ production generation that uses the super heavy, awkward tripods for the 50-75 pound broadcast cameras. Fortunately, technology took control and made everything smaller and so the tripods went along with the cameras.

GRANDE 30W 5-port Power Adapter Review

It is pretty evident when competition begins to copy certain advertising strategies. The biggest and best pieces of tech usually hold such titles for a short time before a competitor steps up their marketing and development to show off the next big thing.

J&D Tech HDMI to VGA Adapter Review

Adapter cables are usually pretty simple. As long as you can keep cables and adapters married with like sources, such as DVI-D (digital) to HDMI (digital) or VGA (analog) to DVI-A (analog), then all sorts of combinations are available.

Apple Music Magic

Within the first few minutes of using Apple’s new service, I was reintroduced to bands I’ve not heard since the late 80s and early 90s

Stump Stand Review

I am a big fan of multi-purpose tools. I like that one device can handle the job of many. I’ve had this fascination with objects since I saw my first Swiss Army Knife. It just seems so efficient.

Wallet Case for iPhone 6 Review

One of my favorite cases for my iPhone is a wallet case. For quite some time I felt as though I could get away with carrying just my iPhone and now with the inclusion of Apple Pay, it is even easier to leave bulky purses at home.

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